Kinjaz “Rice-keteers” | Elhae’s Joint | Rascal

Kinjaz are known for their precise execution of their dance moves, and a little bit of humor which definitely shows in the opening character card. Unlike most songs that are chosen for urban choreographies, this song is strictly instrumental. But of course,  the Kinjaz never fail to carryout a great piece like this one.


Daniel Jerome | Swim Good (Frank Ocean Cover) | Ebrahim

Cinematography is something that I see a lot of choreographers using now to further enhance/ set the mood for their choreographies. This cover by Ebrahim pairs so well with Daniel Jerome’s movements and cinematography, where a story is actually being told and you can totally see it  through his facial expressions when he dances. Just like Christopher Martin’s choreography to No Lie, Jerome is using breakdancing moves to express the mood of this mellow song, which shows it doesn’t matter what dance you do to convey a song, but how you do it.

Chris Martin & Mikey Ruiz | No Lie | Noah Breakfast Remix feat. Spank Rock

The tonality of this song speaks for itself. This was very well translated through dance by Chris Martin and Mikey Ruiz for sure. I love how they incorporated breakdancing moves into this choreo, it made this choreography even better by using these (what could be aggressive) moves in such a smooth and relaxing song. Very well done.

Lyricality 101:

-0:21: “Fallin'”

-0:28: “Shake this”

-1:08: “You don’t call me”…ect

Keone & Mari Madrid | Time For Love | A Dance Short | Chris Brown, Michael Jackson

In this Dance Short, Keone and Mari dance to Michael Jackson’s Love Never Felt So Good and Chris Brown’s Time For Love. The video starts out with Keone and Mariel dancing a choreographed dance normally how they would with any other video. After filming is finished, Keone goes to see his friends when a loose ball knocks him out. He mysteriously is transported to a “1920’s feel club” where he tries to win the heart of Mari through dance. The overall production of this video is so well planned and put together. And the choreography is well matched with the music and cinematography.

Lyricality 101:

-0:18: “Love never felt so fine”

-0:46: “Gotta fly”

-3:33: “…All off”…ect

Brotherhood | XXI 2016 | VIBE

During Vibrancy 2016 The Brotherhood gave a performance to a variety of songs using a snow white and the seven eleven dwarfs theme. Themes leave such a big impact on an audience because you are getting the audience somewhat involved in your performance, especially if it is something that everyone one knows such as snow white and the seven dwarfs. The Brotherhood tends to really focus on style and hard hitting the beats of the music. This is one of my top 3 favorite group performance because of the style and musicality, not to mention the blend with the type of dwarf and song choice as well as transitions.

P.S.: It took me at least watching this five times to notice that for sleepy’s performance at “3:10”, they are wearing EYE MASKS!!! They completely CAN’T EVEN SEE and they are dancing!!! What is life.

Lyricality 101:

-1:26: “Take it to the top”

-1:54: “…I throw”

-1:55: “…Drop it low”…ect

Chris Banaga | Where the Party at | Jagged Edge

Chris Banaga always brings it when it comes to musicality and lyricality. When he ever choreographs for a group, like this one, you can expect multiple sections of the grope performing different moves to actually create different beats and notes of the song. Particularly in this dance, the group splits into 3 at different moments such as at 0:36 and 0:49, and then come back together to perform the dance as a whole.

Lyricality 101:

-0:27: “Right around 1:30”

-0:41: “Both eyes closed”

-0:48: “Til’ there ain’t nothing left”…ect

Keone & Mariel Madrid | Bills | LunchMoney Lewis

This choreography speaks on so many levels. No only is the musicality through the roof, but they literally are telling a story of the artist (LunchMoney Lewis) through dance, which is why I love the urban dance scene so much. The use of props was also what set this piece different from a lot of other choreographers that I watched.

Lyricality 101:

-0:23: “Mouths I got to feed”

-0:36: “Stomachs growl”

-1:32: “In my shoes”…ect