Bam Martin | Show Me Love | Clean Bandit

Another Steezy Original by Bam Martin. Yet again, he shows his musicality and killer quick foot steps while balancing his upper and lower body. Steezy Studio is a website where people from all around the world can learn an unlimited amount of choreographies from different instructors, such as Bam Martin, in the comfort of their own home for $20 a month. It is definitely a great alternative then learning at an actual class because you get to learn at your own pace, look at different views so you can learn the dance accurately, take as many classes as you want whenever you want. This is a piece well done for Bam Martin, as usual.


Bam Martin | Ooh Kill em | Meek Mill

Bam Martin’s choreo to a mash up of Meek Mill’s Ooh Kill Em and I’m a Boss. This was also performed at World Of Dance LA 2014. This choreography is more fun than anything which is also a plus if you like to get the audience really captivated by the dance, which I was.

Lyricality 101:

-0:13: “…Something to say”

-0:15: “Move their lips”

-0:21: “Backback”…ect