Carlo Darang | Bills, Bills, Bills | Destiny’s Child

In this video, Carlo is dancing alongside one of his students from a Building Block Studio private lesson in L.A. This is a very simple piece that uses a very nice balance of musicality and lyricality to put the piece where it needs to be.

Lyricality 101:

-0:15: “Should be handling”

-0:26: “Step to me”

-0:38: “A baller”…ect


Choreo Cookies | 1st Place Upper Division | WOD

This is a World of Dance performance by Choreo Cookies at the 2015 WOD San Diego where the placed first in the upper division. The lineup included “Fuel to the Fire by Rationale” choreography by Paul Ross, “Nothing to me by Sage the Gemini” choreography by Brian Carranza and Jason Patio, “Woman by Joy Williams” choreography by Kayla Graham, “Anywhere by 112” choreography by Dustin Yu and Carlo Darang, and last but certainly not least “Breath and Receive by Kenshō” choreography by Chris Martin. This performance was very well executed and put together with stunning musicality and lyricality. They definitely deserved this win!

Lyricality 101:

-0:28: “What would we say”

-0:55: “On my shoulders”

-0:56: “From high and low”…ect