Keone & Mari Madrid | Time For Love | A Dance Short | Chris Brown, Michael Jackson

In this Dance Short, Keone and Mari dance to Michael Jackson’s Love Never Felt So Good and Chris Brown’s Time For Love. The video starts out with Keone and Mariel dancing a choreographed dance normally how they would with any other video. After filming is finished, Keone goes to see his friends when a loose ball knocks him out. He mysteriously is transported to a “1920’s feel club” where he tries to win the heart of Mari through dance. The overall production of this video is so well planned and put together. And the choreography is well matched with the music and cinematography.

Lyricality 101:

-0:18: “Love never felt so fine”

-0:46: “Gotta fly”

-3:33: “…All off”…ect


Keone & Mariel Madrid | Bills | LunchMoney Lewis

This choreography speaks on so many levels. No only is the musicality through the roof, but they literally are telling a story of the artist (LunchMoney Lewis) through dance, which is why I love the urban dance scene so much. The use of props was also what set this piece different from a lot of other choreographers that I watched.

Lyricality 101:

-0:23: “Mouths I got to feed”

-0:36: “Stomachs growl”

-1:32: “In my shoes”…ect