Kinjaz “Rice-keteers” | Elhae’s Joint | Rascal

Kinjaz are known for their precise execution of their dance moves, and a little bit of humor which definitely shows in the opening character card. Unlike most songs that are chosen for urban choreographies, this song is strictly instrumental. But of course,  the Kinjaz never fail to carryout a great piece like this one.


Vinh Nguyen | Let It Go | James Bay

Vinh Nguyen is another choreographer who always tells the story of the artist through his moves. just within the first ten seconds of the song, he used at least 5 lyrical combinations. He is one of my favorite choreographers because he always makes you feel what the artist intended you to feel.

Lyricality 101:

-0:36: “Walking home”

-0:38: “Talking Loads”

-0:49: “Nervous touch and getting drunk”…ect