Bam Martin | Show Me Love | Clean Bandit

Another Steezy Original by Bam Martin. Yet again, he shows his musicality and killer quick foot steps while balancing his upper and lower body. Steezy Studio is a website where people from all around the world can learn an unlimited amount of choreographies from different instructors, such as Bam Martin, in the comfort of their own home for $20 a month. It is definitely a great alternative then learning at an actual class because you get to learn at your own pace, look at different views so you can learn the dance accurately, take as many classes as you want whenever you want. This is a piece well done for Bam Martin, as usual.


Carlo Darang | Bills, Bills, Bills | Destiny’s Child

In this video, Carlo is dancing alongside one of his students from a Building Block Studio private lesson in L.A. This is a very simple piece that uses a very nice balance of musicality and lyricality to put the piece where it needs to be.

Lyricality 101:

-0:15: “Should be handling”

-0:26: “Step to me”

-0:38: “A baller”…ect

Mike Song x KRNFX| The Dance Box

When I first saw this video I thought it wasn’t real because of how amazing the concept was. Blending Dance AND Beatboxing is something that I never thought could happen before and Mike Song did such a good job with hitting every beat that KRNFX gave to him. I know this piece had to be practiced a lot for it to be this great and full with musicality.

Choreo Cookies | 1st Place Upper Division | WOD

This is a World of Dance performance by Choreo Cookies at the 2015 WOD San Diego where the placed first in the upper division. The lineup included “Fuel to the Fire by Rationale” choreography by Paul Ross, “Nothing to me by Sage the Gemini” choreography by Brian Carranza and Jason Patio, “Woman by Joy Williams” choreography by Kayla Graham, “Anywhere by 112” choreography by Dustin Yu and Carlo Darang, and last but certainly not least “Breath and Receive by Kenshō” choreography by Chris Martin. This performance was very well executed and put together with stunning musicality and lyricality. They definitely deserved this win!

Lyricality 101:

-0:28: “What would we say”

-0:55: “On my shoulders”

-0:56: “From high and low”…ect


Vinh Nguyen | Let It Go | James Bay

Vinh Nguyen is another choreographer who always tells the story of the artist through his moves. just within the first ten seconds of the song, he used at least 5 lyrical combinations. He is one of my favorite choreographers because he always makes you feel what the artist intended you to feel.

Lyricality 101:

-0:36: “Walking home”

-0:38: “Talking Loads”

-0:49: “Nervous touch and getting drunk”…ect



Scott Forsyth | Believe It |Rick Ross ft. Meek Mill

This is a short piece from a class taught by Scott Forsyth in Canada. Scott Forsyth is the type to hits all of his move precisely and hard as shown in this choreography back in 2014. Scott is definitely a choreographer that I would want to earn from in the future because of the energy he gives with every performance. Definitely on of my favorite pieces from him because of his musicality and energy.

Lyricality 101:

-0:34: “Knock you off”

-0:36: “…Love to  ball”

-0:46: “…straight“…ect

Ian Eastwood | Strawberry Bubblegum | Justin Timberlake

This choreography was created by Ian Eastwood in 2013. He mentions “To me this video (even though it was incredibly planned out) is my representation of the joy of spontaneity and simple summer fun without a care in the world.” Ian Eastwood always shows musicality and lyricality through all of his pieces and has never missed in my book.

Lyricality 101:

-2:01: “Caught my Eye”

-2:16: “Kick in…”

-2:21: “Mouth in Motion”….ect